May 10, 2017: The legislature is now in the final month of the 79th session. We are still following and commenting on bills, and it’s not too late for you to do so, as the remaining bills will now be heard before the full Senate and/or House on their way to be signed by the Governor (or not).

We encourage you to let the governor know how you feel about specific proposals, and to thank him when he signs a bill supporting water and land conservation and alternative enery.

It’s easy for anyone to comment on bills through the state NELIS website, and, we are told, legislators do take these comments into account. To comment to all legislators at once through this system, go to our Take Action page and follow the link.

No need to comment on these bills we mentioned before: AB33 would have dissolved the Mining Oversight Board (MOAC); for reasons including public opposition, including from us, that provision was removed from the bill by amendment. This is a victory for government transparency and oversight of the mining industry.

The bill we urged the Senate Committee on Natural Resources to introduce, SB231, to require the mining industry to tighten up water accounting, has not survived the weaning process. We will most likely pursue the worthy goal of the bill in some form in the future.

We encourage comments or attendance at floor sessions on these bills: AB159 would completely ban hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for oil or natural gas in Nevada. SUPPORT

AJR 10, a non-binding resolution, expresses opposition to the development of Yucca Mountain as a depository for nuclear waste. SUPPORT

AB206 increases the renewable portfolio standard for public utilities in the state. It’s easy to see the connection between more renewable energy as proposed in this bill (and other renewable energy promoting proposals) and conservation on public lands – fewer pipelines and coal use, fewer transmission lines and road building if distributed energy is encouraged. SUPPORT RENEWABLE BILLS AB206, SB392 (community solar), AB223 and SB150 (energy efficiency), and AB270 (net metering).

AB298: OPPOSE This bill redefines key concepts in our water law, and as a result, will encourage over-extraction of water from water basins, i.e. “water mining”, which could have disastrous effects on humans, wildlife and plant communities.

We SUPPORT public lands conservation as in this bill and resolutions: SB413 will establish the last Saturday in September as “Public Lands Day” in Nevada; SJR12 rescinds the resolution from the last session that would give several million acres of federal land to the state for management or disposal, and AJR13 which promotes getting outdoors and supports the establishment of National Monuments Gold Butte and Basin and Range.

We SUPPORT SB47, which requires the State Water Engineer to prepare a water budget for each basin in the state.