Hydraulic fracturing injects millions of gallons of water into oil and gas containing geologic formations deep underground.

Scientific and government research indicates that fracking can cause earthquakes in two ways:

Primarily, during the fracking process: “Earthquakes were caused by fluid injection during hydraulic fracturing in proximity to pre-existing faults (Nevada has many faults).”
Secondarily, via the disposal of fracking wastewater via underground injection.

“Shaky Ground” explores the risks of fracking triggered earthquakes in California. And increased earthquake activity in shale plays with active injection wells, like Texas, Oklahoma and Ohio show the risks are real.

Although fracturing-related earthquakes are chronic, they were thought to be minor. But new research is showing that they can be quite large and damaging. The focus of the study, a 5.7 magnitude quake near Prague, Oklahoma, damaged 14 homes and other structures…”
in the area. STATES AREN’T DOING ENOUGH – See more at: https://www.earthworksaction.org/issues/detail


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